Catherine Charley

A fun look at the history of art from cave paintings to modern times. All the key points about art history with lots of interesting extra facts thrown in - ie did you know that Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa once hung in the King of France's bathroom?

What they don't tell you about… Art (Hodder Children's Books)

("Extreme Expeditions" series) True stories of expeditions around the world, including walking, sailing and flying. Read also the story of the amazing rescue of lone-yachtsman Tony Bullimore from the Southern Ocean, 1000s of miles south of Australia, in 1997.

"Thrilling real-life round-the-world expeditions together with essential facts and information for the would-be adventurer."
Sir Ranulph Fiennes Bt OBE - explorer and travel writer.

Conquering the World (Puffin Books)

True stories of the successes and tragedies of various Everest expeditions.

The very highest point in the world and the ultimate challenge. Experience the thrill - and the fear - of a real Everest ascent with these accounts from the world's top mountaineers.

"This book captures the magic of Everest and recreates beautifully some of the mountain's triumphs, dramas and extraordinary tales."
Stephen Venables - the first Briton to climb Everest without bottled oxygen.

Everest Adventure (Puffin Books)

("Extreme Expeditions" series) True stories of expeditions to the North and South Poles. Historic and modern day characters loom large! There are tales of Scott, Franklin, Shackleton and Fiennes, among others. Also gruesome pictures of frost-bitten toes and dead bodies!

"This excellent, comprehensive book explores our fascination with the Poles, with stories of heroic explorers and a practical guide to coping in extreme cold." The Hon Alexandra Shackleton - granddaughter of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

The Big Freeze (Puffin Books)

An informative look at the history of various cultures of the world through the theme of treasure and tombs. Stories include Tutankhamen, the Taj Mahal and South American treasures. Text accompanied by full-colour drawings and photographs. Several pages "lift-up" to reveal the contents of a tomb or a lost ship.

"A very well researched book full of detail and interesting information"
Belfast Telegraph

Tombs & Treasures (Hamlyn Children's Books)

An extremely informative account of some of the key treasure finds of the world, with full-colour illustrations and diagrams. Gives an exciting insight into old and new cultures. Includes several stories of the discoveries of shipwrecked treasures.

Hunting for Treasure (Salamander Books)

Who will reach the South Pole first - Scott or Amundsen? This is the story of two men - deadly rivals - who have never met. Both are determined to be the first man to reach the South Pole, but can they survive the extreme conditions of the wind-blasted, ice-continent of Antarctica? Each faces the challenge in a different way, but the final glory will only go to one man.

One of the 'Double Take' series from Scholastic which looks at historical events from the point of view of two of the key people involved.

 South Pole (Scholastic)

Books by
Catherine Charley

Some of these books are available through Amazon.

For example:

In 1994 Catherine Charley published ‘China: A Country Fact File’ (McDonald Young Books) This was a full-colour and informative outline of China in the mid-1990s, which included sections on population, daily life, politics, farming, industry, the environment, climate and natural resources. It was illustrated with many photographs (some by the author) and charts. The author spent 2 years living in China in the 1980s and returns regularly.

 China: A Country Fact File (Macdonald Young Books)