Catherine Charley

Vision & Venture, a fully-illustrated book on the 100 year history of Bryson Charitable Group, was launched in December 2006 in Belfast. It tells the remarkable story of the Bryson Charitable Group (formerly known as Bryson House) from its origins in Edwardian Belfast to the diverse range of its 21st century activities throughout Northern Ireland and beyond.

An anonymous ‘Mr X’, the Titanic launch, the Belfast Blitz and the Troubles are all woven into the story of the charity. Vision & Venture records a century of social history, the introduction of the welfare state and the development of the voluntary sector.

A History of Bryson Charitable Group 1906-2006

Vision & Venture

Lord Mayor of Belfast Councillor Pat McCarthy at the launch of ‘Vision and venture’.

John Steele, Chairman of Bryson Charitable Group, says: ‘Traditionally the charity’s work has clustered round a common theme of sustaining the family in the community. This remit has now widened to sustain the community itself with drivers such as recycling projects, energy initiatives and other environmental schemes. This book brings out very clearly that the charity has always responded swiftly to identified need.’

‘Catherine Charley has written a very fine account of charity and endeavour in Belfast. She has uncovered an important range of sources on the subject. This book adds greatly to our knowledge of the history of Belfast.’ Professor Brian Walker, Queen’s University, Belfast

‘Bryson Charitable Group has served all aspects of society without bias and has been courageous in its practical approach to issues which lie at the heart of creating a fair, just and compassionate community. This book is a superb social history of Belfast as well as Bryson Charitable group. It is in an accessible style and format.’
Dr RSJH McKelvey, Dean of Belfast

Vision & Venture: A History of Bryson Charitable Group 1906-2006 is available from the charity’s website www.brysongroup.org or from Bryson House, 28 Bedford Street, Belfast (Telephone 028 9032 5835).